Shrimp and Pork Dumpling Mandala Recipe

I love dumplings.  I love their shape, the curves and the folds!  I love the texture of a good dumpling wrapper between the teeth.  When I was college, I had dumplings at least once a week from the Vietnamese place on campus; sometimes in dumpling noodle soup, sometimes steamed, and sometimes fried.  So being the frugal college student I was, I thought to myself, “I should make dumplings.”  And, my dear friends, that’s what I did.

Turns out traditional dumpling crafting can take A LOT of time.  It made me appreciate the deliciously aesthetically-pleasing dumpling even more. Especially how I made them the first time–everything hand-chopped and wrappers made from a mixture of flour and water. I like to make them for special occasions. Nowadays, if I am making dumplings, I use store-bought wrappers, and I definitely use a food processor to save time.  Here is the recipe I used then for Shrimp and Pork dumplings, and it’s the same recipe I still use now.

Once you take the time to learn to fold them correctly, you might even give them names and anthropomorphize them creating an extended family of dumpling cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters.  They’re just so darn cute!  I just want to eat them all!  I want to eat ALL the dumplings!

If aren’t sure what a ‘mandala’ is, they are really very cool spiritual symbol.  You can learn to make your own, and it doesn’t have to be with dumplings, that is, unless you do want it to be made out of dumplings!  What is a mandala?

shrimp and pork dumplings
Illustrator vector drawing of shrimp and pork dumplings and dipping sauce
dumplings cooking
Dumplings taking a nice relaxing bubbly bath. Look how happy they are enjoying themselves.

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