Two Pork Tacos at El Changarro Bensalem

Pork Tacos
Illustrator vector drawing of pork tacos

Some of my favorite things have come out of Mexico: Frida Kahlo, avocados, Day of the Dead skulls, horchata, piñatas… just to name a few.  I also have pretty strong feelings that extraterrestrial influence had a hand in building Chichen Itza.  Then, at the top of the list, just above my conspiracy theories regarding ancient ruins, there is the carnitas taco.

Circa 2012.  Yours truly posing in front of Chichen Itza. Aliens… just saying.

I didn’t have to go to our neighbors in the south to get these tacos.  Fortunately, I was actually able to get the tacos in Bensalem, PA.  Bensalem is a smallish suburb of Philadelphia.  Bensalem was also ranked by Money Magazine as #46 of the Top 50 Best Places to Live in 2014.  Perhaps, it was the hidden gem of El Changarro that solidified us in what has become the pride and joy of our humble township.  You might miss El Changarro as it is in a stripmall, but who am I kidding, so is most of Bensalem.  El Changarro is actually a small grocery store with a smaller restaurant in the back.  It’s a very neat setup.  I think one day if I ever open up a Filipino restaurant as a middle-aged Filipina woman, it will resemble this place.




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