Bloody Mary at Bar Ferdinand No Libs

Tall Glass Bloody Mary
Illustrator vector drawing of a Bloody Mary cocktail

I loved tomato juice as a kid, and then I discovered the adult alcoholic version of tomato juice: the Bloody Mary. I’m not sure if I would’ve been interested in a drink called the Bloody Mary as a kid since I was also deathly afraid of the woman in the mirror by the same name, although I never had the nerve to invoke her.

I once tried to make a Bloody Mary as a college student, as it seems I was more interested in experiments than hitting the books, or I guess painting the canvas (more accurate, as an art student). When I tried it out, it was pretty much Vlad, tomato juice, and a sad wilted celery stick.  It did not taste good.  It was poured down the drain rather quickly.  I’m lucky that didn’t ruin Bloodys for me.

Bar Ferdinand is a Spanish tapas restaurant/bar in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, that has a decent brunch, and what wouldn’t be brunch without a Bloody?


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