Mango Margarita at Rocco’s Tacos WPB

What pairs beautifully with a margarita?  …Another margarita!

vector of a mango margarita
Illustrator vector mango margarita with a lime wedge

I love margaritas in the summertime, or any time I am having tacos, so I guess, I love margaritas all year round.  A rock-salted rim with a lime wedge– It makes me feel alive in the later hours of an afternoon.  The margarita glass is one of my favorite glasses.  At least for me, the margarita glass is the most recognizable of all the cocktail glasses.  While the margarita glass is straightforward, the origins of the Margarita are shrouded in mystery like many inventions that were unwisely not copyrighted and should’ve been.

Rocco’s Tacos is on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, FL.  At the time of writing this post, there was a countdown to Cinco de Mayo on their website.


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