Crayfish Po’Boy at The Alchemist WPB

crayfish poboy illustration
Illustrator vector of a crayfish po’boy with fries and ketchup

The Alchemist is a very popular well-written novel by Paulo Coelho about a shepherd boy named Santiago, that many people like to read in different languages, but it is probably not read in more than one language per person.  As anecdotal evidence: I, myself, read it in English.  The Alchemist is also a beautifully-decorated Gastropub on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, FL, but they aren’t affiliated in any way that I am aware of.

Fotothek df tg 0006097 Theosophie ^ Alchemie
Alchemists practice alchemy
The po’boy (or poor boy) is a sandwich that might be more American than the hamburger, whose origin according to Wikipedia is either the U.S. or Germany.  The po’boy most certainly came out of Louisiana, which is definitely in the United States.

Before consuming this crayfish po’boy, I can safely say that I’ve never had a po’boy before.  I was delighted by the soft baguette-like bread with the crunchy battered crayfish and mild spicy sauce.  This po’boy would be considered a “dressed” po’boy since it has the extra fixings of lettuce and red onions.  So one might say, ‘For a po’boy, he sure is ‘dressed’ nicely!’


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